Its the same as other projects…but totally different.

There's a small historic waterfront town on the south eastern coast of Puerto Rico that was suffering from a poor economy when the eye of Hurricane Maria entered Puerto Rico through it. It's taken about a year to clean up Humacao and we have been planning an urban art outdoor gallery and festival to bring attention to the town, promote tourism and instill some community pride.

The creation of an outdoor art gallery of well organized, properly placed urban contemporary art murals is a strategy being implemented worldwide to help neighborhoods transition from often dirty, unsafe and barely loved to interesting, exciting, well lit and safe neighborhoods people want to live and spend time, eat, drink and shop.

Urban contemporary art is made up of many different kinds of art, just painted or placed in public. Fine, abstract, cartoon, and graffiti artists are putting paint to walls to express themselves, their concepts or in the case of our project, the theme of PEACE.

From an art standpoint, Humacao is very centralized, has a lot of good walls and some great ones and by November 11th, we will have about 30 murals painted throughout the town. On November 11th, we are having a festival to celebrate as well. The project has a "peace" theme. The "mascot" of the town is the owl.

The festival will have walking tours, live music and food trucks and artisinal activities. It is sure to be a festive day.

The Humacao Grita festival is organized by Altrusa Humacao and supported by the Mayor and Municipio of Humacao. The art production is by Elegel Group.

We hope you’ll join us in painting, celebrating, eating or just seeing good art and listening to good music.

See you soon!