ELEGEL works with Urban Contemporary Artists to find and develop opportunities for their art work, images and ideas. We often act as an agent or representative to generate awareness for the artist, to secure quality commissions and to insure expectations are met by both parties.

ELEGEL works with businesses to commission and produce art that fits their aesthetic and commercial profile. From murals to paintings and other non-traditional products, ELEGEL GROUP can help you select an artists, design the artwork and insure they are produced to specification, on time and at budget.

ELEGEL also leads and collaborates on community based projects. ELEGEL is the founding partner of the San Juan, Puerto Rico initiative, LAS50 (www.las50.com) that is transforming the Calle Loiza business district into an outdoor art gallery and is the art producer for the Humacao GRITA International Urban Art Festival scheduled for November 11, 2018.




ELEGEL's online Gallery showcases the recent and important works of Popular Artists working with ELEGEL Group. The ELEGEL.com store offers original artworks, limited editions and art products from hats to t-shirts and much more.

Browse an artists store or browse by product category, ELEGEL.com is continuously being updated to offer new and exciting art products.




After two years of ELEGEL Group showing works in partner spaces, we are opening a permanent home of our own on San Juan’s trendy Calle Loiza.

As part of a multi-use property the gallery in its final form will consist of a beautiful gallery facility with outdoor space, muralist supply and merchandise store and a bar & restaurant with rooftop lounge. There will be multiple artist residents available for visiting artists and the general public.

For more information, please contact Stefan at 787.502.6456 or slang@elegel.com.