Government, real estate developers and community leaders have embraced the urban arts to aid in uplifting neighborhood transition, stronger sense of community, and to develop business opportunities and raise property values.

There is no shortage of reference cases that demonstrate this catalyst of change and great examples can be found in neighborhood transformations such as Bushwick-Brooklyn, Wynwood-Miami, Pawtucket-Rhode Island, Lynn-Massachusetts and more. There have been countless urban arts festivals geared towards developing a sense of community through the creation of an outdoor art gallery in neglected and/or decaying neighborhoods.

Elegel Group works in the community on a street-by-street level to create beautiful and well placed pieces of art that instill a sense of pride in the neighborhood, clean up and make safer the streets and create a destination of interest for visitors. We like to say our projects are exactly the same as these examples except totally different!

Elegel is currently leading two initiatives:



Urban transformation.

It's taken about a year to clean up Humacao after Hurricane Maria and we have been planning an urban art outdoor gallery and festival to bring attention to the town, promote tourism and instill some community pride.

Humacao is very centralized, has a lot of great walls and by November 2018, will have over 30 murals painted throughout the town. On November 11th, we are having a festival to celebrate as well. The project has a "peace" theme. The "mascot" of the town is the owl.

The festival will have walking tours, live music and food trucks and artisanal activities. It is sure to be a festive day.



Using urban art to transform the street and drive business to the Calle Loiza.

We’re doing something on the Calle Loiza that we think is pretty important.

We’re helping transform the street in a way that it makes the neighborhood visually interesting and entertaining. In most cases, taking something that’s dirty and unattractive and making it into something that people want to see.

By having urban artists paint the security gates, some facades and available walls, we can turn the Calle Loiza into an outdoor art gallery and special home and destination.


Urban art and the creation of public outdoor art galleries is a catalyst for urban renewal and transformation. Don’t just take our word for it, do your research!