We offer high quality, urban art inspired, custom painted, printed and digital graphics for businesses looking for unique branding elements. Whether it's your store, restaurant, bar, cafe or conference room, Elegel Group and its team of artists and artisans are able to produce visuals that make your business stand out. For spaces of distinction.

Call or WhatsApp Stefan at 787-502-6456 or email to slang@elegel.com.


Professional Murals

We get the best out of the artists we work with, making sure everything is done to your satisfaction, to budget and on-time. Elegel works with the top artists in Puerto Rico and we can present you a portfolio of different styles and looks to choose from to insure you get a feel that matches your aesthetic.

And as Elegel works with top artists abroad that come to Puerto Rico for business and pleasure we can use the opportunity to have them do something unique and fresh for you.


Urban Inspired Graphic Design

The artists working with Elegel Group are multi-talented, rule-breaking, stand-up and stand-out artists. Some professionally trained, some from the street; their designs are not like all the others. Whether it's a logo, branding element, image, invite or even a website, Elegel Artists deliver an edge to their designs. Get recognized. 


Hand Painted Graphics

Nothing matches the richness of a handpainted graphic, logo or sign. With unlimited color and design choices our artists can hand paint an element or entire wall...indoors and out. Want attention? Let us know.


Window and Wall Graphics

Whether it's the name of your business, your logo or a graphical element that represents your offering Elegel can produce high quality vinyl graphics for your business.

Actually, we can have a lot of stuff made from full wall decals to banners to premium tshirts for your staff.


We're professional artists and artisans and we can do a lot

We've made extreme concrete counter tops, 3D signage, art and sculptural installations, planters and plantings. If you want to do something out-of-the box, lets talk about it.